So many things to do and never enough time! Family, friends, hobbies, work, philanthropy…how to fit them all in, stay sane and find time for yourself.  I wonder if I will ever master the balancing act for more than a short while.  I wanted to write this blog to share thoughts about making life simpler and easier to manage, to make the time for all the things I want to do and maximize the time to do them.

First, I believe being at ease with yourself, at whatever stage in your life you may be, is key to accomplishing your goals.  Second, prioritizing your goals and setting reasonable deadlines eases stress, but it is also vitally important to cut yourself some slack when you get derailed. Finally, never forget the old cliche about stopping and smelling the roses.

I am at the “silver” stage of my life. I don’t worry about a lot of things I used to think important.   I am not tall, I am not super thin and I don’t like to shop.  I am not very good with make-up and my hair needs to be simple.  So, I hope you will join me on a journey to make life simple and effortless while still looking and feeling good!