I am so lucky to have wonderful grey hair.  Remember, simplicity is my watch word and you will not be surprised that haircuts and coloring are not high on my to-do list, much to the dismay of my hairdresser of the moment.  My hair was a dirty blonde/brown and I had always weaved in lighter colors.  About twenty years ago, the grey became noticeable.  My mother had beautiful white hair, so I thought I might as well take the plunge and I proceeded to embrace my natural hair color.  I started having the weave colors be lighter and lighter to blend in the grey until it just was what it was.  I ended up with what I was told is called ‘platinum’, a mix of several colors of grey and silver, along with some remnants of my earlier brown.  Much simpler to care for and so different!img_3735-copy

My husband, who has wonderful white hair like my mother, told me several years ago, on several occasions, that I would look ten years younger if I would just dye my hair blonde.  I admit in a moment of weakness that I tried some shampoo in blonde and it looked awful.  My skin color no longer worked with blonde hair and I thought it actually made me look older.  Needless to say, I was quite happy when it washed out!  Now, grey or silver hair is very popular with the younger crowd and I have many teens and twenty-somethings wishing they had natural silver hair like mine.  Isn’t that a hoot!

So, what are the options for transitioning to a more natural hair color, including grey.

  • If you don’t color your hair and you are starting to see grey, consider weaving in highlights of a lighter color to make the change more subtle. There are many videos about highlights to blend grey hair.
  • If you do color your hair, weaving may work as well, or possibly using lighter colors as you let your hair grow out.
  • Ombre is hot right now, so consider letting your roots show or touching them up to create a great ombre pattern of your own. Are you ready for blue or pink?
  • Cut your hair so the grow out time is shorter and consider a combination of coloring options to soften the transition.
  • Remember your hair will likely not be one color and there may be some significant variations in color and texture that you will need to address. Be open to the possibilities.

Finally, if you see someone rocking their grey locks, tell them how great they look! Embrace where you are at this moment and appreciate the risks others take to embrace who they are.


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