Sunrise to Sunset

Tried out a new outfit yesterday and I am so excited about its versatility!  From sunrise to sunset, this outfit worked.

img_3740-copyIf it is Wednesday morning, it is likely to be golf with my Morning Crew at 7:00am.  Brrrr!  It is pretty cold and I haven’t even taken my gloves off to putt in this picture from the third hole.  I am as bundled up as I can be and still swing a club.  I picked up the Patagonia down sweater vest in San Francisco in December when, as usual, I hadn’t packed properly.  In my defense, there wasn’t a plan for the day on Saturday and I was hoping for a spa day.  Instead, we did some touristy stuff and walked around the pier which was awfully chilly.

The pants with attached skirt are awesome!  It is the Tough Girl Skirt which comes in different combinations of plain black, colored and patterned skirt and pants.  It is also available on Amazon (try AmazonSmile and support your favorite charity with your inevitable Amazon orders).

img_3750It warmed up enough to shed the vest and have a little fun (but I still have the gloves on full time)!  The golf shirt is a sleeveless Daily Sports Holiday in black.  It has a bit of sparkle and very flattering seam detail.  The undershirt is Bloq UV crop top which has 50 SPF.  The crop top is nice if the weather is iffy.  Walking the course can get hot as the day warms up and it is imperative to peel off some layers.  I was able to keep the undershirt on all day and I think that was because it wasn’t a full top.

img_3762-copyThe shoes are my new Ecco Women’s Casual Hybrid golf shoes.  I walk the golf course a few times per week and I have had problems with plantar fasciitis.  Ecco shoes have been a life saver.  I wish they were a bit more waterproof for the early wet mornings, but they are the most comfortable golf shoe for me. Of course, I included a BIG hat.  It is Pistil from last summer’s collection.  It is not too heavy and has a tie for windy conditions.

img_3767-copyThe best part of the outfit is I wore it out to a casual lunch.  After lunch, I met up with my amazing trainer, Ken Rawlins, for a workout at the gym after almost a month off; I know I will be sore!  A few more errands to the grocery store, to pick up mail and head home. We walkedt to Cruiser’s for a quick bite to eat.  I am so excited about the pants/skirt for the winter, I am going to get more colors!


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