Las Vegas by Day

Headed to Las Vegas last weekend with my main girl, Jordan, to see Britney Spears and meet the family for Shawn and Chelsea’s Holy Moly Matrimony!  We had plenty of time to make the concert until it became clear our flight was going to be delayed four and a half hours!!!! To make the evening perfect, there was no gate upon arrival and we sat on the tarmac for twenty minutes and got to the Delano after midnight.  We were so disappointed, but we will plan to go another time.  Great weekend with the fam, starting with closing down Light nightclub and breakfast at 4:00 am at Citizens Kitchen & Bar. Unfortunately, a lot of the pictures came out poorly so I will recreate the club looks and retake the pix at home.

We did rally for a real breakfast at Della’s Kitchen before gambling.  Great food and very friendly staff. They let us sit and talk, even after the restaurant closed.

dscn2258-copyThis is my gambling outfit for the day.  I love these Tory Burch Riding Boots. They really hold their shape and are great for walking.  This pair is from a few years ago and you can see the gold logo is quite large and I find it can be difficult to cross my legs comfortably because the logo rests on my other knee. In newer versions, the logo is much smaller and shouldn’t be a problem.  I also have muscular calves so I have to choose thinner pants or I cut off my circulation.  Consider buying a size larger for roominess. I chose jean capris from White House Black Market so I could still fit some warm socks in the boot because Las Vegas can get so cold in the winter.

dscn2267-copyI love blue and I love plaid and this is my go-to shirt right now.  It is a wonderful blue silk by Equipment from a recent Trunk Club curated by Molly Weber. The sweater is blue (of course) cashmere from J. Crew from last year (see similar).

I finished off the outfit with my new gambling essential, a baggallini crossbody bryant pouch.  Just big enough to carry the essentials, cash, phone, credit card and glasses, without worry about forgetting a larger purse somewhere or leaving my valuables in play view.  Baggallini has many sizes, but this was just right for the job!

It was a great day in the casino hanging with the kids.  Of course, I left my obligatory contribution to the Las Vegas economy at the Blackjack table!



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