Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

“I get by with a little help from my friends.” The Beatles

What would you do if you encountered someone who might be suicidal? What would you do if they wanted to escape an abusive relationship?  What if you found someone being trafficked and looking for help? How helpless would you feel in that situation?  I would have been panicked!!!!

Now I feel empowered.  I recently learned about dialing 2-1-1.  Remember the old 4-1-1 for information?  Now there is 2-1-1. It is a free and confidential service in North America to find local resources.  Call anytime, 24/7, and be ready to write down contact information. Find help for these and other issues:

CRISIS + EMERGENCY. They can put the caller in touch with critical support and prevention programs to help prevent and survive bullying, sexual assault or alcohol abuse.  They also have information about programs offering temporary shelter and care for infants and children who have been subjected to abuse or neglect and information about runaway and youth shelters, as well as emergency shelters and safe houses for people in situations of domestic violence or emotional abuse.

FOOD.  They provide information about school lunch programs, summer food service programs for children and other government-sponsored programs to reduce hunger.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING.   Often associated only with sex against their will, trafficking can include child labor and domestic servitude. In partnership with National Human Trafficking Resource Center, they can provide information on support systems to provide escape routes from modern slavery.

VETERANS.  They help veterans and active duty members navigate available benefits and services, including financial assistance and counseling, legal assistance and education support.  They also have information on home loans, job training, employment assistance and career counseling, veterans benefits, childcare, and financial advice and planning.

DISASTER.They offer information on disaster preparedness, up-to-the-minute information on road closures and evacuation routes and shelters, disaster relief assistance and recovery resources. They also have information on disaster-related volunteer opportunities.

Just a little info to file away in the memory bank because everyone needs a little help sometime!



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