Windy Afternoon Stroll

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” William Arthur Ward

So excited that Colton and Taylor from Infinite Sum Limited. have agreed to be my photographers for Silver With Style.  Here is a first look at their work…

FO1A3101We set out on a recent Monday with a few outfits in mind for pictures at the beach.  The first one is a fun and stylish sweatshirt.  Yes, this is a sweatshirt from JoFit.  I love how put together the look is with no effort!  I ordered a medium and it is still pretty form fitting, but the large looked more like a dress.  I only where a sleeveless shirt under it so I have to pick the right weather or be sweltering or freezing.  This windy afternoon was perfect.FO1A3282

FO1A3139I picked a Biltmore grey straw fedora from the very fun Hat Box in Laguna Beach.  If you are looking for a Kentucky Derby hat or something special, they have a great selection and can create of modify amazing hats to your specs. The owner, Paula del Percio, is amazingly talented and creative.

The shoes are Vince Camuto “Koral” FO1A3119Peep Toe Perforated Sandals.  That’s a mouthful and they are sold out.  Bummer, but here are a number of similar options.  These are not quite as comfortable as some of Camuto’s other shoes so I don’t plan on wearing them if I will be walking or standing a lot.

Heading out to fly a kite!



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