Gray on Gray on Gray

“Don’t define your world in black and white because there is so much hiding amongst the grays.” Unknown

FO1A5281-1This is one of my go to professional look outfits when I don’t  have a feel for how dressed up I should be.  It is comfortable and works in so many situations.  I love the classic houndstooth slacks. They are not as conservative as plain gray slacks, but they still provide a very professional and put together look.  These slacks are from J. Crew from a couple of years ago, but here is a similar look from Tommy Hilfiger.


The double-breasted blazer is from J. Crew, but it sold out while I was getting my act together on this post, so here is an alternative from Banana Republic.  Double breasted WILL make a comeback, but in the meantime, it is nice to have a little bit different look in the repertoire.FO1A5429-4


The blouse is from Everlane.  It is the Relaxed Silk Shirt in Gray, but it comes in several other great colors (I’m going to have to get the two blues!)  It has a great fit and works tucked in or loose over jeans and the price is extremely reasonable for quality silk.



The bag is Ralph Lauren and fits papers perfectly in each of the side zippered pockets with a center area where I can stow my ipad, glasses cases and wallet.


The boots are Michael Kors Denver Leather Ankle Boots with a zipper on each side so they fit snugly but are still quite comfortable.  They are firmly constructed so they don’t get slouchy and keep a crisp look and they are pretty comfortable.

So my closet may have a lot of black, but my life is full of wonderful colors and so many shades of gray.  The more we experience the more we are smacked in the face with the reality that life is a symphony of grays and nothing is so easily defined as black and white. Life is so much simpler when the only choices we can see are yes and no, true and false, right and wrong , A and B.  But our world is full of context and circumstances that make getting up every day and facing tough, nuanced decisions a test of our internal compass. I hope to always point true north while making thoughtful and considered decisions, not being naive enough to think there is only my way or the wrong way.



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